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Cost-Free and Agenda-Free Therapist Referral Finder

In the event that I am not able to serve your therapeutic needs (e.g. I don’t currently have availability, I don't have a specialty in your area of need, I don’t accept your insurance, etc.), I am committed to assisting you in navigating the challenges of finding a therapist. While it is disappointing when I am not able to work with someone who is potentially interested in working with me, I have a great deal of regard for anyone who is actively seeking therapy and sincerely want to support your efforts.

As a member of a professional network of over 700 therapists in New Jersey who regularly post and respond to posts about their availability, specialty, location, insurance, etc., I am able to obtain the names of potential therapists who may meet your criteria without cost or agenda. I can then email you their contact information within 24-48 hours, whereby you can do your own additional research about the therapist(s) to determine if they seem like a good fit for you. Please also know that any identifiable information (e.g. your email address or phone number) that you provide in the form below will be kept confidential and never shared.

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