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My belief is that the therapeutic relationship is the foundational component to achieving a significantly positive outcome in psychotherapy. In keeping with this belief, the essence of my approach is to facilitate an emotionally comfortable and supportive experience inside my office which can then be effectively transferred to practical experiences outside of the office. This process can occur through an array of individualized ways during the course of our work together.


In some situations it may be through the expression and connection to an expansive range of internal feelings or by gaining fresh insight into repetitive behaviors and blind spots. At other times, we may evaluate the nature of distorted thoughts and perceptions or possibly integrate pragmatic strategies and coping skills. As the work continues, it may also be valuable to allow for a deeper understanding of the self and signals from the body which can also lead to a greater awareness of any disharmonious parts of the psyche. Additionally, as a means to achieve some of the overall therapeutic goals, we may compassionately challenge and question the underpinnings of some identified areas of struggle to allow for more substantive growth and change.


In my work with adolescents, I take a more informal and concrete approach to some of the areas above in relatable ways that are specific to their temperament and developmental process. In some circumstances, I may also incorporate play therapy which can be useful for helping certain adolescents to express themselves in a complementary or alternative way to traditional talk therapy. On a broader treatment level, I make a concerted effort to coordinate care with outside providers and systems who may be involved with the child and family (e.g. psychiatrist, school, agency, etc.) to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the teenager's world. I also ensure that confidentiality is preserved during the course of adolescent therapy, however, I keep parents/guardians informed about their child’s progress in general and thematic ways throughout the process. 

In utilizing this overarching approach with adults, young adults and adolescents, it is my genuine hope and belief that all clients will have a personally meaningful,  emotionally enriching experience throughout the course of engaging in therapy.

"What we resist, persists ~ what we can feel, we can heal."


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